mickster | cycling culture | Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

This week the Bicycle Film Festival hits town, as if you neeeded reminding 😉
This year it’s bigger, better and longer than ever before, with 8 film programs, 4 parties and the 1st annual BFF bike polo championships on Sunday. Alas, we hear the Rollapaluza crew won’t be rocking the wheels o’ steel for the party at Dust on Saturday, but you’ll be needing to save some of yr energy in any case for the bike polo the next day.

And whilst we’re thinking of expending energy en velo this weekend, don’t forget that the fine folks at Rapha are running a night ride from London to Brighton this Friday. A similar route to the annual velo traffic-jam that we all know and fear but that’s where the similarity most definitely ends. For this one we’re talking well attired, classy roulers, no doubt riding some of the trickest old skool irons this side of l’eroica. Not to mention better support (grub stops en route, breakfast by the Beach and the classic Rapha broom wagon) and, lets face it, featuring riders who can probably actually ride in that all-imprtant straight line and who don’t climb off once the gradient hits 1.5%.

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mickster | cycling culture | Thursday, October 4th, 2007

After all the rain-soaked disappointments of the past few months – the cancelled track meets, the rained off picnic rides to the park, the sodden shorts permanently on top of the radiator drying out – there’s suddenly a shedload of bicycle goodness on its way in October:

The Rapha Rouler exhibition \ upmarket clearance sale starts on Oct10 and runs until Oct21. The photo exhibition at the Host gallery looks especially good…
The Bicycle Film Festival hits town from 17-21 Oct with the usual assortment of bike-inspired shorts and features. This year its at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green. There’s also an accompanying art show (‘at last!’, we cry) called Joy Ride at the Maverik which runs throughout the festival and features cool stuff from Taliah Lempert, Amy Bolger, and even Michel Gondry of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ fame.
October 20 also sees the start of the usually good Revolution series at Manchester velodrome with a sprint line up including Staff, Maclean and Queally. But we won’t be there for this one cos the same day sees those crazy Rollapaluza kids doing their thing at the BFF aftershow party at Dust, and that’s gonna be a blast.
And as if that’s not enough, as previously reported the following day brings the Catford Hill Climb back to the 1-in-4 slopes of ol’ crippler aka Yorkshill… hey it’s about time we were spoiled a bit.

Finally, we’re glad to see that TC’s putting his enforced downtime to good use… Some corking flatland pix from the best in the business. Keep healing, cvnt.

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