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It’s a fine line sometimes, we admit it, but nevertheless there IS still a line:

Man charged with riding bicycle

“In an inventive new entry to the field of unusual crimes, a Scottish man has been charged with having simulated sex with a bicycle.

Robert Stewart, from Ayr, allegedly was naked from the waist down in a hostel room when two cleaners walked in. They say they were shocked to find him mock-copulating with a bicycle – and that he continued to do so as they looked on, the Sunday Mail reports.

He has been charged with conducting himself in a disorderly manner. His solicitor, Gerry Tierney, said: ‘My client denies the allegations and intends to defend the charge vigorously.’
Stewarts says that the incident was all a misunderstanding, partly due to the fact that he’d had too much to drink.”

from 26/6/07 spotted by breglis

And while on the subject of wood, a chance to own your own piece of track heritage.

“The original racing surface from Manchester track is now incredibly on general sale. The track is currently being refurbished with a new surface being laid before the Velodrome hosts the UCI World Track Championships in March next year. The old track is obviously surplus to requirements.

“The old track simply wore out after 13 years,” said Jarl Walsh, General Manager of Manchester Velodrome: “This is the busiest track in the world remember. The bulk of the track is being chipped and turned into chipboard but we are selling bits of the track to those who have requested it. Chris Boardman has already earmarked the location on the track where he broke the world record. Manchester track is one of the fastest in the world and I expect it to maintain its reputation when the new surface goes down.”
Prices for the track are:

£10 for a 12 inch piece with no markings
£15 for a 12 inch piece with general marking lines on
£25 for a 12 inch piece with pursuit/200m line markings
£40 for a 12 inch piece with the finish line on. “

We’ve got a few planks on order already. A dining table with the sprinters line running smack down the middle. Drool 😉

and it rained all night

mickster | photographers | Sunday, June 24th, 2007

The Rapha/Condor Smithfield nocturne brought bike racing of all shapes and sizes to the streets of London last night.

Local amateurs fought it out in the regional 2/3 cat race – won by Craig Stevens (PCA Ciclos Uno) – before a selection of journo’s and other ‘celebs’ raced in an all star challenge. Next up was the much-anticipated courier race… and suddenly, as if to make it all the more grimly authentic, the heavens opened. Handling on the tight right hander at the bottom of the course instantly became sketchier than a 4ths race at Hillingdon as riders made full use of the hay bails and the barriers to get round the rain soaked course. The team from Creative came through to soundly despatch the composite teams from BMS Manchester,, Messenguerilla and Hell on Wheels.

As the rain eased off a bit, it was the turn of the commuter folding bikes challenge. Oblivious to the wealth of new cycling apparel showcased at the Pret a Rouler event two nights earlier the men and women of the city hacked round the slippery course in pinstripe suits, skirts, ties and bowlers, coaxing their bromptons and dahons round the tight 1km course. The evening was capped with the main event which was a hard-fought crit for Pro/Elite riders forming part of the national crit championships. After staying heroically clear of the pack for almost 40minutes, Warrick Spence (Cyclefit) was reeeled in and National Criterium Champion James McCallum took the victory.

Here’s hoping that this becomes an annual event – great organisation from Rapha / Face Partnership and some exciting racing too. Our only gripe is that it was hard for the spectators to follow what was going on in the courier race – this would maybe have been better done as a straight team relay race ferrying packages round the course.

More pix below:


which bag are you today?

mickster | photographers | Sunday, June 10th, 2007


Gola footy bags were the pinnacle of IN when I was a kid of 7 or 8. At school the bag was everything – you were defined by it the moment you cycled in through the school gates. I was a second-tier cool kid rocking an addy three-stripes – not a bad effort but never quite as cool as the kids with the Golas.

Which one were you?

going overground

mickster | cycling culture | Sunday, June 10th, 2007


Not content to keep it underground and known only to an obsessed select few, the fine folks at Rollapaluza are bringing the heady joys of roller racing to the masses. And we at badbean say yay!

Parties, weddings, bahmitzvahs – what better way than to mark the occasion than taking on yr soon-to-be best man (or that Sarah from accounts) with a quick 500m blast on the wheels o’ steel. for bookings and more info.

I’ve also added a page covering the South London Roller League here.

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