mickster | photographers | Thursday, May 24th, 2007


Travel is well known for bringing about changes in your perspective. Especially when it comes to the ordinary, mundane little things that would otherwise slip beneath your field of vision. Travel expands the mind and swells the soul.
A dodgy lens and drugs can have a similar effect…
… or a girlfriend with a nasty viral infection. Urghh, feeverrrrrr.

However you get there, chances are you will bring a little bit of abroad back with you, and you’ll barely even notice – because it gets slipped in with all the home you took away with you in the first place.
Nurse! more ice cubes!

And for when the fever passes: http://www.fotofestival.be/



mickster | cycling culture | Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007


Sundays are all about hanging with friends and cruising with yr buds. We’re back in Gent and immediately dropped into our customary kick-back-and-whittle lazy-assed mode. It must be something about all those slaaaack angles and loooong wheelbases. Met up with the good folks of the CGBC Bicycle Club who showed us their CUSTOMary hospitality and warmth:

BB: Hey, cool chop there dirk. Where d’ya get the tubing for those stretched forks from?

Dirk: Ahh, fuck that. Exchange me your T-shirt (bike film festival) and we not kill you and now we go make drinking, yes? (Dirk says he’s Flemish but there’s a strong hint of the Cossack emanating from the face hidden behind his dreadlocked beard)
BB: Err, ok, you the man Dirk [swaps T-shirt. Its 400 sizes too small for him]. Lets make drinking!!

At which point, dear reader, the rest of Sunday ceased to exist.



marked for life…

mickster | cycling culture | Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

“Road rash is a precious gift. Road rash is your friend. Bask in it, appreciate it, love it. Above all, learn from it.” Robert Hurst

Road rash as metaphor: At badbean.com we’ve been known to be partial to a bit of body modification ourselves at times. Some of it planned, much of it picked up along the way. It’s like a right-of-passage and a way of marking time. An indication that you’ve lived a little. That you’ve had some scrapes and come through them all, grinning. Because in bike racing – like in life – there are times when you’ve just got to suck it up and be thick skinned. After all, it still frickin’ hurts when you go down whether its the first time or the hundredth.

I’ve got 2 friends currently out of action after going down at the track. Get well soon pistards 🙂

Big props to the big scot Chris Hoy. He missed out on the kilo record by two thousandths of a second – about half the difference a favourable last gust of wind would have made as he came out of turn 4 at the open air Alto Irpavi velodrome. Instead he went and set a new 500m world record of 24.758s shaving over a second off the previous best time, the cheeky herbert. We love him!


mickster | cycling culture,photographers | Wednesday, May 16th, 2007


This summer will be bringing some great bike related events to the streets of London and the South East – we’ve got l’arrivé du Tour, the UK étape through Kent, the Rapha Smithfield nocturne, the Pret à Rouler cycle clothing show. But if we’re honest what we’re REALLY looking forward to mostest of all is the forthcoming ‘Hard Men and Heroes‘ exhibition by Stephan Vanfleteren at the panos picture agency EC1. Brussels-based Vanfleteren has been shooting some of the most arresting and poignant photos of the rouleurs, pistards and Flahutes of Belgian cycling for the past 15 years and this is his first solo exhibition in the UK. Bike racing, great photos and all set against the backdrop of our favourite country – we can’t wait for this one.

(pic: Tom Boonen © Stephan Vanfleteren, courtesy of panos pictures)

Stephan Vanfleteren’s website

a positive altitude

mickster | cycling culture | Monday, May 7th, 2007

We wish Chris Hoy all the best when he makes his attempt to break World kilo record next Saturday in La Paz, Bolivia. He’s trying to beat The Master’s 58.875sec record which was also set at the Alto Irpavi Velodrome in 2001. The velodrome is 333m long, concrete and outdoors. Kinda like our very own Herne Hill except 12000 feet above sea level and – rumour has it – with a functioning men’s toilet. The infield footy pitch looks like a bugger to maintain though.
Write up by The Telegraph
World Record attempt website

smithfield nocturne

mickster | cycling culture | Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Details of the Rapha / TfL / Paul Smith sponsored Smithfield Nocturne have been anounced. The evening kicks off with the Junior race, followed by a race for couriers. Highlight though has got to be the “Le Mans” style race for folders, ‘wherein competitors in full overalls will wait 15m away from their folded bikes, on the drop of the British Flag the competitors will run to their steeds, build them and set off on a 5 lap dash’. 5 laps round Smithfield on a Brommie – now that’s what I call entertainment. Not quite sure about the ‘full overalls ‘ bit though.
Almost as intriguing is the “All Star Challenge” where a coterie of the great & the good line up to plod round the course. We’re promised ‘news readers, TV celebs, models and Industry faces’. My money’s on John Snow for this one, provided he isn’t too knackered from kicking Alex Moulton’s 70 y.o. booty in the previous folders race.
The ‘Pro’ race will feature – and frankly I’m guessing here – E/1s plus a smattering of our Procycling lycra heroes including David Millar.

The whole thing is loaded of course with the kind of promotional slickness and branding-savvy that typifies the Rapha Way. And this once again throws up questions about the involvement of ‘corporates’ in aspects of grass-roots cycling. Now we’d be the first to admit that the glitz ‘n slick thing ain’t really what cycling and racing is all about to us and we suspect we fall short of Rapha’s target demographic in any case. But to gripe too much about this – and there have been a few murmurings – seems churlish. Is there really any difference – slick brochures and 50k+ income brackets aside – between what Rapha are doing today and the Faemas, Moltenis, Legnanos or St Raphaels were up to during cyclings golden age? For us the bottom line is that this event will bring bikes and racing culture into the heart of London with a professionalism and a level of public visibility that would be hard to achieve any other way, and for that we guess we’ll cheer.

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